About Us

The firm was founded by Alfred Finkelstein and Gary Brown in 1985 and, as a result of subsequent growth and mergers, evolved into Finklstein Brown Nemet & Rothchild, P.A.

Simply stated we are a full service firm dedicated to providing our clients the best possible service. We offer our clients the opportunity to access our innovative service tools to meet their unique needs.

Our niche in the profession centers on acting as a business advisor, providing our clients with innovative financial, managerial, and tax advice geared toward the entrepreneur.

Since compliance with today''s complex and ever-changing tax and business regulatory law is difficult, we assist our clients in understanding and applying these complex rules in their business and professional affairs.

Our extensive and practical experience, in both accounting and tax compliance, offers clients a two-fold advantage; we help firms successfully operate and expand, while minimizing taxes to retain profits. In other words, we help our clients make money and keep it.

Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by the selection of our staff, continuing education programs, research resources and emphasis on quality control. To advance these efforts, we participate in the Quality
Review Program sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and have always received an unqualified opinion - the highest recognition.